Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Felissimo’s 500 Colored Pencil Set

I fell in love with this set of pencils that are also, with their holders, works of art. 500 hundred colors, with names like Drizzly Afternoon, Tea with Milk. And the way they are sold has an interesting twist. You can only subscribe to buy 25 pencils each month for $33. While it is unlikely that I would buy a whole set if it were available,
I am feeling that unmistakeable pull to sign up. It's only $33 a month. Wonderful names, wonderful story. What artist wouldn't want a 500 color pencil set!! Do I need them. I don't thin so. See I don't want to say they aren't a necessity. Ah, such a luscious possibility. Avarice. Maybe this will encourage me to play with the wonderful sets of pencils I already have. It is great fun to touch the "wow" factor seeing this creative product.

Here's an enticing "story" right off the Social Design site:

Your changing story

It's human to have favorites. To be drawn to certain colors, to have others surprise you. We believe the greatest beauty of 500 Colored Pencils is that you don't receive all of them at once, but over the course of 20 months.

It gives you new focus as an artist, working with color families and feeling the precious nature of each pencil. We send 25 pencils a month, crafted to order. (It's not possible for us to send them any faster: that's how long they take to make.)

As you build to 500, the pencils become your story and experience. It's about enjoying an unhurried creative process, and the artist - over time - you become.

Stuff can be so alluring. Now to learn to balance appreciation & need for acquisition.

"The real and important world is the world inside us, not the world outside." David Watson

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